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2025 North 3rd Street #165
Phoenix, AZ 85004-1425

Improving education is good everyone. For children. For our communities and families. For businesses and our larger society. When you redirect your tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona, through a simple tax credit that costs you nothing ($0), your thoughtful act pays dividends now and years into the future.

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Catholic Education Arizona exists to make Catholic Education available, affordable and accessible so that our youth will perpetuate the Catholic faith, serve society and transform culture.


Our Progress So Far

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Take Control 

Through tax credits, you now have a choice: let our elected officials at the Arizona State Capitol decide how to spend your tax decide. By taking credits for education and charities, you manage the domain of your taxes. You make the decision on how, where and even what program your tax dollars are used. Tax credits are not only free, they are powerful. We should all take advantage of them. 

Got Questions 


Tax credits are just incentives designed to allow taxpayers to support important causes that also benefit the government. You may have heard of “Cash for Clunkers,” a tax credit to stimulate the auto-industry. There are credits for “first- time home buyers,” solar energy and adoption. The Private Education Tax Credit, for example, saves Arizona tons of money on public education costs while improving the quality of education: it’s a clear “win-win.” 

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